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Created in León, Spain, by Higinio Guerra Valcarce, member of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation (Real Academia de Jurisprudencia y Legislación), the company, inherited from parents to children, has a vocation to offer an efficient and reliable service, backed by experience and specialization of its professionals.

Guerra Abogados is founding member of GRUPO DE IURE (www.grupo-deiure.com) ALIANZA INTERNACIONAL DE DESPACHOS DE ABOGADOS Y ECONOMISTAS, independent for the improvement of the legal counseling in international private law.

Cesáreo Guerra Galí

Cesáreo Guerra Galí

Civil – Commercial

Director of the law firm, graduated in Law by Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1992.

Registered lawyer since 1992 in Madrid Bar Association (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid).

Cesáreo combined his Law studies with the legal practice in his father´s law firm.

In addition to that he did practical training in two American law firms, in Miami with M.A Martin Lawyers FL. and in New Nueva York with Grant, Hermann Schwartz & Klinger LLC. from   1992 and 1994.

Since 1992 he is active as a lawyer, providing legal advice and  defending causes before courts and tribunals in Spain.

Between 1996 and 1998 he was external lawyer for several town halls in the mountains of the Sierra de Madrid.

Cesáero is secretary and legal advisor of the Institute of Stock Exchange Studies, the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles, www.ieb.es and its gouverning council.

University lecturer at Universidad Antonio de Nebrija upon consumer´s rights in the Master studies, MUDE 2011–2014.

Founder of GRUPO DE IURE (www.grupo-deiure.com), an alliance which is composed of more than 17 law firms in several countries.

Member of the advisory board of the ICMEDIA (http://www.icmedianet.org/es) in order to improve the quality of audiovisual contents and the protection of the childhood (2017).

Specialist in civil and commercial issues as well as in litigation with international transcendence and all kind of international aspects.

Languages: English and Spanish


Margarita García López

Margarita García López

Tax – Accounting

Licensed in ECONOMICAL SCIENCES from the University  la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (1985-1990).

She specialised in her field with a Master in account auditing (Máster de Auditoría de Cuentas) and the postgrade course of financial and tax administration (Curso de Postgrado de Administración Financiera y Tributaria) offered by the School of Public Finances (Escuela de Hacienda Pública) and the Universidad de La Coruña, passing the first two exams of the Corps of Management of Public Finances (Cuerpo de Gestión de Hacienda).

Margarita possesses more than fifteen years of experience in the private sector, providing direct advising clients directly on their tax obligations and keeping accounts of companies and private persons. This work she combines with their teaching activity at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Chamber of Commerce of Madrid (Cámara de Comercio de Madrid), Instituto de Formación Empresarial and Escuela de Jóvenes Empresarios.

Since her incorporation in GUERRA ABOGADOS, this law firm advises all clients in all kind of matters in the fields of tax law and accounting, preparing tax declarations and accounting, drafting of reports, assistance and defense before the tax administration and its contingents as well as administrative appeals.

Languages: Spanish


Carlos Tauroni Carrera

Carlos Tauroni Carrera

Compliance, Data Protection


Graduated in Law from the Autonoma University of Madrid.
Member of the Madrid Bar Association.
He joins GUERRA ABOGADOS as an independent lawyer of counsel for COMPLIANCE and RS matters applied to private and public companies and on DATA PROTECTION.
Specialist in ISO standards (Quality, Environment, Compliance, RS) Master in Legal Practice and Procedure by the CEF of Madrid.
Master in Environmental Management in private companies by the ETSIM (Higher Technical School of Forestry Engineers, UPM – Polytechnic University of Madrid
Master’s Degree in Prevention of Occupational Risks by the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción.
25 years of experience in the field of Private Companies of different sectors and sizes, some of them listed on the Ibex and the Continuous Market.
He is a member of ASCOM, the Spanish Compliance Association. It has the CESCOM® Compliance certification. Recognized by IFCA (International Federation of Compliance Associations) as an internationally certified Compliance professional.
Professor of the course “Compliance Management” at the CEF in Madrid.
He was a member of the Construction Quality and Environment Committees of the Spanish Quality Association and the DHO Foundation for the Environment and CSR.

Languages: English and Spanish


Our priority: Defend your interests

Guerra Abogados, extends, with our colaborate lawyers and the departments of civil procedural, corporate, commercial insolvency (suspension of payments) and contractual about modification, extinction and suspension of contracts due to force majeure and the ‘rebus sic stantibus’ clause, recapitalization of companies, support measures, etc.

Today more than ever we remind of our permanent and serious vocation backed by our long expertise. Your issue will be studied by a team of lawyers and economists. We help you and inform you about the viability, duration and expenses.

Eight reasons for trusting us

  1. Because we are a law firm with a long-standing family tradition of lawyers, inherited from parents to children, with VOCATION proven since 1942.
  2. Because EVERY CASE is studied WITHOUT DELAY, with thoroughness, interest and professionalism.
  3. Because we have a satisfying percentage of MERITS.
  4. Because we inform you previously and IN WRITING about our FEES with competitive rates and PAYMENT FACILITIES.
  5. Because the first visit is FREE OF CHARGE and non-binding.
  6. Because we count with an integral team of PROFESSIONALS – lawyers and economists – who will give a solution to your problem or question.
  7. Because the client has the possibility to receive counseling and do meetings online, using videoconference or email.
  8. Because you can enjoy the advantages of our Alliance, ALIANZA (www.grupo-deiure.com) with other independent, prestigious law firms from different parts of Spain and abroad.

Main areas of advice

Courts and tribunals

Family law. Heritages. Wills/testaments.

Contracts and Companies. Accounting

International law | Contracts and trading companies |International sales contracts | Courts and tribunals | Family law and inheritance law | Liquidation of marital regimes of participation in acquired property | Real – estate law | Tax and accounting consulting | Commercial law and societies | Administrative law and procedural administrative law | Accountability | Mediation | Labour law |Immigration law | Associations | Consumer´s rights

Some cases we were pursuing:

– Favorable judgment for client: recovers mortgage expenses from the bank and sentences the bank for the costs of the proceedings.
– Favorable judgment: recognition of the bare ownership of a house.
– Out-of-court settlement: Professional malpractice. Our client receives financial compensation.
– Favorable sentence. The Tribunal de Justicia de Beleares islands protects our client’s trademark.
– Favorable ruling for our client on a claim for an amount from a hospital. Defects and irregularities in the Hospital’s standard contracts. Consumer/patient rights.
– Investment in Spain, from United Kingdom and France. Incorporation of a trading company to manufacture a new fashion line brand. Initial investment 2.000.000 euros.
– Advice in corporate law to an important group of Spanish companies. Secretary of the Board. Objection of board meetings. Operations of real-estate sales.
– Several claims against banks demanding mortgage costs due to void clauses.
– The Court acknowledges in favour of our client the economic rights of phantom shares of a company.
– Business in Gibraltar. – The lawyer Cesáreo Guerra Galí advised a Spanish company in matters of the constitution of a society in Gibraltar, for the construction of the World Trade Center of Gibraltar. www.worldtradecenter.gi
– Consumer´s rights. Madrid Court dismisses a claim against our client, a company because they accept our defense in terms of that the claimant is NOT average consumer. Therefore the claimant cannot be protected by the Consumer´s Law (Ley de consumidores, RDL 1/2007) and our client has fully complied with the General Law of Publicity, applying consequently the “doctrine of one´s owns acts”.
– Our client, a former executive of Globalia won a lawsuit versus Globalia before the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Madrid) sentencing the company to pay salaries and vacations, absolving our client from paying 70.000 € to the company.
– Wills and all necessary documents regarding the wills, donations, declaration of heirs of foreigners in Spain and extinction of the community of property of the heritage located in several autonomous communities.
– Advisor of foreign investments founds (Fondos de Inversión extranjeros, RU) in the acquisition of real-estate in Spain.
-Vices and defects in construction. Final condemnatory sentence of 300.000 euros against the municipal construction entity (Madrid).
– Drafting of the contract General Agreement and Letter of Intent for a project of construction in Saudi Arabia: Contracting of 140 million of euros.
– International sales operation of merchandise (solar panels and investors) Spain-China-the Caribbean. Contracts, letters of credit, international transport.
– Morroco: Representation of partners in shareholder meetings in companies. Extrajudicial settlement.
– Director lawyer in civil procedures of claiming damages and lost profit (agency contract, advertisment, etc.) with a value higher than 2 millon of euros.
– Constitution of companies (large branches, to be emphasized construction company and the maintainance of the highspeed train network AVE and short-distance trains) and of associations (of merchants, of former alumni).
– Lawyers of a Spanish hotel group located in Ibiza for the claim of outstanding amounts by entities seated in United Kingdom.
– Acting lawyers in the separation and liquidation of properties, Brazil-Spain, of the wife of one the football players of Real Madrid C.F, RCDS.

Social Corporative Responsibility



The lawyers of GUERRA ABOGADOS comply scrupulously, and since their registration in the Bar Association, with the following conduct and deontological codes: CÓDIGO DEONTOLÓGICO DE LA ABOGACIA ESPAÑOLA EL CÓDIGO DEONTOLÓGICO DEL CONSEJO DE LOS COLEGIOS DE ABOGADOS DE LA COMUNIDAD EUROPEA.- CCBE y el ESTATUTO GENERALD E LA ABOGACIA ESPAÑOLA.

We maintain a permanent surveillance and fight against CORRUPTION.
We maintain suitable LABOUR conditions which favour labour SECURITY AND HEALTH as well as the human and professional development of the employees.
We strive for the continuity of the company since its fundation in 1942.



We help people without means selflessly and also non-profit bodies. Some of those entities are:

  • ICMEDIA: for the advice to the means of communication and support to families, promoting guarantees of the protection of the contents for children´s audience.
  • Foundation CARF:  dedicated to an integral education of clergymen and seminarians without financial resources.
  • THE COUPLES SATISFATION INDEX (CSI): in Spain for the support and free training for marriages and couples in crisis.

Discounts of up to 70% on fees for people with limited resources or in a situation of social and economic vulnerability




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