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Areas of advice and defense


Civil and tax law

  • Civil and commercial contracts
  • Sale and leasing of real estate.
  • Family law. Heritages. Wills/testaments.
  • Bank and loan.
  • Insurances.
  • Immigration law.
  • Consumer´s rights.
  • Data protection.
  • Tax and accouting advice for self-employed and companies.



Courts and tribunals

Civil procedure
  • Banks and insurers.
  • Breach of contract.
  • Mortgage and executive claims. Evictions. Auctions.
  • Void clauses. Claim of mortgage costs.
  • Consumer´s rights.
  • Family law, heritages, wills/testaments, divorces. Liquidation of matrimonial regimes.
  • Evictions.
  • Construction. Vices and defects.
  • Rights to honour, self-image, personal and family intimacy.
  • Claims for damages.
  • Accidents.
  • Professional negligence.
  • Voluntary jurisdiction.
Commercial procedure
  • Bankruptcy law:
    • Presentation and monotoring of the bankruptcy processing.
    • Assistance the organ of administration and management of the society in periodic meetings held with the bankruptcy administrator.
    • Drafting, if necessary, en su caso, of the proposal of the creditor´s agreement as well as the assistance in the negotiation with the creditors in order to obtain a proposal of agreement.
    • Liquidatión of the bankruptcy until its conclusion.
    • Claims for reintegration, bankruptcy incidents, executions and qualification pieces.
  • Negociación y asesoramiento en el eventual proceso de venta de una las unidades productivas que puedan definirse en la Sociedad.Negociation and counseling in the eventual sales process of one of the production units which define the society.
  • Liability action against administrators.
  • Objections against company agreements.
International Law
  • Testaments/wills and inheritances.
  • Liquidation of matrimonial regimes.
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judicial resolutions in Spain.
  • Residence visa. Golden visa. Legal residence for society and investors.
  • Counseling in community law about the rights of consumers and judicial claims of quantities in countries of the European Union.
  • Commercial and industrial international contracts, for instance: Letter of intent, General Agreement, Joint Venture, and Bilateral Agreement.
  • International coverage through the international Alliance of law firms, called GRUPO DE IURE (www.grupo-deiure.com), established by this company, Guerra Abogados which joins a net of fifteen independent legal firms, with presence in ten countries.
  • International settlements. Banks. Bank documents for payment. International sales.
  • Advice about foreign investments in Spain.
  • Advice about Spanish investments abroad, in some of the countries which belong to the alliance: www.grupo-deiure.com.
Labour procedure
  • Dismissals.
  • Quantity claims.
  • Accidents and incapacities.

Civil and comercial mediation


Try to come to an agreement. We are the mediator in your issue. Solve your problem finally and in the cheapest with an extrajudicial settlement.
Surprise your partners, administrators, cooperative workers, co-proprietors, coheirs and family.
Propose mediation to the other party. Allow us to intervene in order to avoid a lawsuit and its expenses.

The MEDIATION is cheaper and faster.
The expense will be shared between the two parties (or more parties on a pro-rata basis).
We are very successful and our clients highly appreciate us.
Company mediation, of business and for individual persons in their claims.

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
Voluntary resolution of private, commercial and procedural conflicts in Spain and abroad.
Make sure the continuity of trade and your business.
Avoid judicial proceedings. Archive, by agreement, the judicial procedures in course. Satisfaction for both parties. Give it a try and tell us your problems without any cost.

Request NOW the accountability from your association, from a family member, from your business partner from your company, from your administrator, from your co-worker, from your co-heir, from your coproprietor, from your agent, from your trustee, from your commission agent or from your executor. Ask how to do and about the judicial and extrajudicial costs.

Law and Company


We render our services to trading companies and associations regarding the accountability in matters of legal, tax and bookkeeping compliance as well as in judicial and extrajudicial defense.


  • Advice in relation to structural modifications of societies (transformations, mergers and acquisitions, divisions/spin-offs, global assignment of assets and liabilities…).
  • Drafting of agreements for companies (shareholders´ agreements).
  • Counseling in corporate reestructuring in family companies and drafting of family protocols.
  • Contracts of acquisitions of companies.
  • Arbitration.

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